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Established in 2015 in Uganda, Gebal Minerals Limited has 25 years of experience in the Egyptian Minerals Processing Industries as EMC Company.

Gebal Minerals Limited is a mineral processing industry. Gebal Minerals limited has now taken over full ownership of African Mineral Limited in Uganda which used to be the leading company in producing a wide range of high quality calcium carbonate, kaolin powder, lime, terrazzo and grits of different sizes.


To be the leading producer of highest quality calcium carbonate and kaolin products in the East African region.


To promote a sustainable market through a quality based approach for our products all over East African region.

Material Sources:

We produce calcium carbonate for a wide range of applications from the high quality Limestone deposits in Uganda (Moroto), Kenya (Eldoret. Ortium) and Egypt (Suez, Minya).
An experienced team of Geologists and Mining Engineers render us sufficient services in managing the mineral deposit in terms of prospecting, exploration and development of mine plans.
In the end, high quality limestone is obtained to feed our well established plant located in Jinja,Uganda.

Our Quality System:

The quality of our products is significantly determined by the goodness and quality of the raw materials used. The laboratory has the latest technologic devices used by our qualified and experienced staff to maintain quality at every production stage.

Several tests such as brightness tests, opacity tests, and moisture and oil analyses are carried out regularly in our Laboratory.
We can customise a product so as to conform to the customer’s preferences in both chemical and particle size requirements.


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GEBAL MINERALS LIMITED is a company with a rising innovative in producing high quality calcium carbonate products. Gebal Minerals Limited is not only limited to ground calcium carbonate but also supplies coated calcium carbonate, quick and lime, kaolin (soapstone powder), terrazzo and grit products.
Gebal Minerals Limited has a great machinery and qualified team that enable quality products to be supplied to our clients from all over East African region. The following are the products that meet customer requirements for particle size, brightness, composition and other properties:

Ground Calcium Carbonate

Ground calcium carbonate can be applied in the following fields:

  • A. Construction and Building Materials
  • a) Paints and coating
  • b) Adhesives and sealants
  • c) Oil field supply
  • d) Making glass
  • e) Ceramics
  • f) Wood processing
  • B. Polymer and converting
  • a) Films and sheets
  • b) Wires and Cables
  • c) Plastic Pipes
  • d) Plasters and Joint fillers
  • e) Rubber
  • f) Converting and Printing

A variety of calcium carbonate powder is produced with brand names varying from GC2 to GC10. They differ due to particle size distribution of microns are used per customer’s preference.

Chemical Properties

CaCO396.3% Min
Fe2O30.18% Max
MgO2.5% Max
Brightness 92-95%

Physical Properties

ShapeSemi Angular
Specific Gravity2.7-2.9g/cc
Hardness3 Mohr
Melting PointCarbon dioxide evolves at a temperature above 400

Particle Size Distribution

GC 22.770 11.99
GC 34.93121.16
GC 45.27822.32
GC 67.19232.18
GC 812.69239.13
GC 1020.03168.34

Coated Calcium Carbonate

This product is ultrafine, surface treated calcium carbonate powder with stearic acid obtained from high purity white marble sources of Moroto.
The chemical description is the same as for ground calcium carbonate


Two types of lime are manufactured: Quick and hydrated lime.
For Quick lime, calcium carbonate undergoes high temperatures to produce calcium oxide.
Quick lime is mainly used in industry as a catalytic agent. Its also used in steel making. Air pollution control, paper industry , refining metals and making fiber glass.
For Hydrated lime, calcium oxide is mixed with a known amount of water to produce calcium hydroxide.

applied environmental purification as waste water treatment, agriculture to reduce soil acidity and construction as an essential ingredient in mortar, plaster etc.

4. Kaolin Powder

This is manufactured from crushed soapstone obtained from high grade talc sources of Kenya. Its applied in soap making industry as a filler and pesticide industry as a carrier.
Kaolin powder is made in two forms:

Kaolin powder forms:

ProductGK 4GK 5

Chemical properties

SiO243.51% Min
Fe2O3 0.86%
Hardness1 Mohr
Specific gravity2.16-2.68


This product is produced in two forms: flooring and skirting. Products appear in different colours
i.e.white, cream, red and Black.

Size ranges from 3.5mm to 10mm.

Mainly applied in construction works.


The sizes range from 0.5 to 2.5mm and products of different colours including white , cream are produced.
Applied in making texture paints, calcium supplement in Animal feeds.



GEBAL MINERALS LIMITED deals in producing a variety of Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) products which is widely used as a filler material in paper, paint, plastic, food, ceramic, cosmetic, medicine and other industries at a lower cost. The following are some of the applications of the products of Gebal Minerals limited:


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